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Animal-Friendly Cabin B&B Booking in Little Rock, AR

Offering guests an animal-friendly cabin B&B in Little Rock, AR is an essential part of what kind of lodging provider Rosemont is. We have large areas of open green space for dogs to run and play. Our communal garden is secluded and social pets enjoy the interaction. Our private gardens and balconies are gated for pet safety and your privacy. Bark Bar, an upscale canine social club, is blocks away and great fun. So is the MacArthur Dog Park. Many neighborhood restaurants have outdoor seating and leashed dogs are welcome. There are numerous sidewalks for strolling and exploring this beautiful, historic neighborhood. Concrete and asphalt surroundings will not be in your pet’s stay at Rosemont. Don’t overlook the photo that shows the extravagant green run & play area directly across the street from our property.


Cats enjoying an animal-friendly cabin B&B booking in Little Rock, ARCats enjoying an animal-friendly cabin B&B booking in Little Rock, ARGreen Space

Rosemont Green Space Area

cats staring out of the glass doorpanes

Cats Are Warmly Welcomed

Guest with two dogs in her lap

All Size Dogs

view of patio chairs on the patio

Gated Balconies

front porch of cottage

Fenced Gardens-Easy Entry

Pet Policies

  • $25 Pet Fee per Cottage, per Stay
  • Please Bring Pet Bedding
  • Pets are not allowed on beds or furniture.
  • Additional $25-$50 Fee for Bed & Furniture Cleaning

Pet Parents Do Their Own Cleanup or a Fee Can Be Added. Pet Parents Are Responsible for Damage to Furniture, Furnishings and Garden Planting. If Dogs Are Noisy in Your Absence, You Are Contacted and Expected to Return to Calm Them.

We are pet parents ourselves and love offering our open and welcoming pet policy, however, we do enforce the policy for the comfort and pleasant stay for all of our guests. We cannot clean furniture and do hair removal from bedding after departure with another arrival at 3:00.

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Rosemont 15th Street

For Reservations Call Susan
Phone/Text 501-766-0355