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Breakfast at Rosemont


Fresh local farm-to-table food is the hallmark of a Rosemont Inn & Cottages breakfast.
We want breakfast to be special for our Farmhouse and Cottage guests so we shop Little Rock's Farmers Markets, neighborhood bakeries, and places like Fresh Market and Whole Foods. A few of our favorites are described below.


Monday - Sunday Mornings 9:00 - 10:00 B&B Guests
Monday-Sunday Mornings 9:00-9:30 Delivery Gardener's Cottage*
May's Cottage*
*Breakfast must be requested in advance.

Early Riser Breakfast for All Guests: Hearty Continental Placed in Guest's Fridge  
Eat at Your Convenience
Vegetarian & Vegan -  Diabetic - Lactose Intolerant - Gluten Free

Let us know in advance so we can do our best to meet your dietary needs.


Rosehaven Breakfast in Little Rock, AR

Breakfast Croissants

This recipe originated with August Erickson at Spring Street Inn in Hot Springs. I start with a flakey croissant topped with Petit Jean ham, bacon or sausage. Add Swiss or provolone cheese and farm fresh scrambled eggs then, serve with family recipe Orange Marmalade Muffins or coffee cake.

Stuffed French Toast

This recipe was a “gift” from my Austin, Texas daughter. Start with Challah bread cut about an inch thick, sliced through the middle with cream cheese added. Then, dipped in a batter of eggs, cream and orange zest cooked on a hot griddle topped with warm maple syrup.

Rosehaven Breakfast in Little Rock, AR

Farmhouse Pancakes & Waffles

Arkansas produces wonderful pecans and I use them endlessly in the Fall. Fresh Blueberries or Blackberries are my choice for Sping and Summer. I freeze the summer abundance for cold winter days.

Grandmother's Quiche

My grandmother was a German immigrant farm woman with 12 children. On Sunday evenings, Grandmother would make quiche from whatever she had on hand. I grew up with the term “Egg Pie”. My favorite is sausage, asparagus & baby Swiss with homemade cinnamon rolls or muffins.

Rosehaven Breakfast in Little Rock, AR

Omelets, Omelets, Omelets

When we have a few guests for breakfast or everyone is eating at a different time, I make omelets ... they are the most creative dish! Everything finds its way into my skillet … bacon, sausage, ham, baby bella mushrooms, fresh spinach or asparagus plus Arkansas tomatoes on the side.

Featherbed Eggs

This recipe was a mainstay at Dairy Hollow House in Eureka Springs back when Crescent Dragonwagon was the innkeeper and inspired cook. Many years after her departure from Eureka Springs, Crescent gave this recipe to me as a “gift” for my new Bed & Breakfast in Little Rock. It is a savory Southern concoction of cornbread, cream cheese, Monterey Jack, eggs and cream with a dash of Tobasco and minced jalapenos to wake up sleepy guests.