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Accessibility Details

Our property was built in 1880 and is not required to provide the accessibility features listed below. Rosemont is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and allowed to maintain its original design and construction.

Our property has the following potential limitations to accessibility.

  • You will need to be able to navigate stairs.
  • No audio and visual emergency warning devices.
  • Amenities outside of accessible range to reach.
  • No closed caption decoders.
  • No controls operable without grasping or twisting.
  • No door lever hardware.
  • No roll-in showers.
  • No text telephone (TTY/TDD/TT).
  • No grab bars alongside toilets or tubs.
  • No transfer seats to tub.
  • Narrow guest room and bathroom doorways.
  • No short stature accessibility kits.
  • No wheelchair-accessible lobby, public entrance, or public restrooms.
  • No wheelchair available on request.